The body in the room, the shaman and other tales — 2014 London Biennale: Pollination in Las Vegas
Kristen Peterson, The Las Vegas Weekly, 18 June 2014

A seamless integration of ideas (and props) under the umbrella of maps, mazes and mysteries.

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A-MAZE-d and Confused - The London Biennale jumps across the pond and lands in Las Vegas
Eleni Parashos,Vegas Rated, 18 June 2014

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Mapping New Ground: The Artist-Run London Biennale Pollination Event
JK Russ, Huffingrton Post, 27 August 2014

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Finding the art is part of the thrill of the 'London Biennale'
Kristen Peterson, The Las Vegas Weekly, 11 June 2014

This year it's all about maps, mysteries and mazes.

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Exploring Performance Art
KNPR State of the Nation, July 30, 2012
If a man pees into a cup, then drinks his own pee... is that art? It certainly was last week at the Biennale 2012, a local performance art exhibition downtown. We talk with local artists (including a man who painted while wearing a gorilla suit) about how performance art is evolving, and what really counts as art.
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David Medalla artist talk at Tate Britain
Tate Britain, London, 11 July, 2012
David Medalla artist talk for his contribution to Migrations: Journeys into British Art at Tate Britain, 31 January -- 12 August 2012

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Is Performance Art IN Las Vegas Evolving?
Las Vegas CityLife, July 25, 2012
Biennale 2012 was an avant-garde hit. But will it further artistic growth or be a one-time wonder?
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London Biennale - The Beginning
Art A Part Of Cult(ure), June 19, 2010
A biennale that would be open to every artist regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, and artistic language or style.

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Monkeys, pancakes, bird ladies, oh my: Las Vegas artists create a London Biennale in Henderson
Las Vegas Weekly, July 18, 2012
For a second year, Las Vegas artist Jevijoe Vitug has organized a performance art event
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The 6th London Biennale, 2010
1F Project Media, May 1, 2010
Events & exhibitions will take place in a variety of venues until the last Sunday of August 2010

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10 Emerging artists ready to change the way we look at the Vegas scene
Las Vegas CityLife, June 21, 2012
Three of the ten selected artists represented in the 2012 London Biennale in Nevada
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London Biennale in NY
Whitewall, August 11, 2010
Last week the London NYC Beinnale Satellite Event opened at the Christopher Henry Gallery. Curated and conceived by Inbred Hybrid Collective alongside London Biennale founder David Medalla

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CAC's window installation celebrates the act of making
Las Vegas Weekly, August 11, 2010
the freshly rotating exhibition inside the Contemporary Art Center’s front window emerges as a most unexpected gem
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